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Indoor Water Damage From A Burst Pipe

Burst water pipe inside wall from freezingHaving water in your home or business can be extremely detrimental if it is not dealt with quickly and properly. In the worst case scenario, you could face permanent property damage as well as mold growth. This is why it is so important to have a professional deal with water removal as soon as possible.

The main reason that a professional company should be called in is that they have the necessary equipment to efficiently and safely handle the job. In order to ensure that the least amount of damage occurs, the use of high powered water extraction machines is absolutely necessary. When it comes to heavy saturation of carpeting and walls a wet vac just will not do the job.

Pipe BurstThe need for the high powered machines is so that they can pull out the most water, which will then reduce the chances of mold and mildew growth. Mold is known to be extremely detrimental to human health and if the growth reaches a certain level, it could lead to a need to remove all flooring and walls to ensure the safety of those that will occupy the building. This is not only worrisome when it comes to health, but is a major concern when it comes to the expense that will eventually be incurred. It is far less expensive to hire a professional to do the job right the first time than to deal with the expenses that could result if they are not brought in.

Additionally, professional water removal companies have the industry grade chemicals that can work to prevent mold and mildew growth once the water is removed. These chemicals are extremely dangerous to use and should only be handled by those that have been trained in their safe dispersion. These are the most effective chemicals that are available and their use could save thousands of future mold remediation needs.

Finally, in addition to carpeting and structural needs, restoration professionals can work to save furniture, clothing, family heirlooms and more from having to be discarded. Again, this can save a lot of money, as well as help reduce stress and heartache. Knowing that someone is working to save as much property as is possible can alleviate the feelings that can come when facing a disaster.


We Can Save Your Hardwood FloorYour hardwood floors can most likely be saved if we get to them within 72 hours. Modern Technology allows us to pull moisture through the sub-floor and hardwood using an injectidry system with drying mats

Injectidry system drying a hardwood floor

Why You Should Use A Water Damage Certified Company

When contacting companies when you are facing an emergency, it is best to ask what level of service that they are able to provide. It is also a good idea to inquire about the reviews other consumers have given them and what business associations they have. They certainly should be licensed to do business in your state. Be careful, as there are some fly by night companies that are looking to take advantage of such situations.

These are just a few of the main reasons that it is essential to call in a professional when dealing with water damage. Keep this in mind when facing this type of situation. The money saved on the lost property will certainly make the expense worth it.

What To Do After Residential Water Damage

Water Damaged Kitchen CabinetsIf a home sustains any damage from flooding or other water-related events, the homeowner needs to spring into action immediately. Otherwise, the home will suffer a lot of short-term and long-term damage. For instance, if not treated immediately, mold would grow immediately thus affecting the structural integrity of the home. Here is the best advice on what to do after water damage.

First, the homeowner needs to identify the source of water damage to the home. For instance, is it from a leaky faucet or a burst pipe? The next step involves shutting off the main line to prevent further flow of water through the faucets or pipes in question. For those without a clue on the placement of the shutoff valve of the main water line, it is best to contact a professional immediately.

Secondly, the homeowner needs to shut off the electricity and gas lines to the house. Flooded water might lead to electrocution, regardless of whether the water level has reached the electrical outlets in the house or not. During this period, the individual should not handle any electrical appliances. If possible, consult an electrician to go about this procedure effectively.

The next step involves assessing the damage to the home. Before trying any cleanup, it is important to evaluate whether rebuilding after the damage is worthwhile or not. During this time, the individual should also take lots of photos as well as any relevant documentation to be presented to the insurance company.

The homeowner needs to rescue any valuable possessions in the home. If there are heirlooms, jewelry, money or any other possessions that have not sustained extensive damage, be sure to remove them before any cleanup starts. Remember, the flooded water is still doing more damage to the home. As such, any time spent cleaning individual items will not suffice.

Next, the homeowner needs to remove any stagnant water in the house. As mentioned above, the more the water sits in one place, the more the damage caused to the home. During the removal process, always wear protective gear such as rubber boots, masks, and gloves. Of course, do not use any electrical appliances to remove the flooded water from the house. Try mopping, sweeping or anything else necessary.

Note that the flooded water might leave behind some debris such as nails. Therefore, during the removal process, don’t allow pets or children into the water. Immediately after the water is cleared from the area, the final step is cleaning up the debris left behind. Remember, snakes and rodents might also seek shelter in the house. Therefore, wearing protective gear comes in handy against such issues.

Any home that suffers damage from flooded water needs to be attended to immediately. Rather than waiting for the water removal specialists or the insurance company to arrive, the homeowner should get started with the above steps to prevent further damage to the house.


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